Standards Based Digital Critical Thinking

True or Not?

1.Can we define what it means to be information literate?

  • Information literacy means that you can get and process accurate information and be able to understand and apply it to problems/situations.
2.Can we teach our students to have the essential skills to information literacy?
  •  Yes – We should be able to teach our students to gather credible information and have the ability to use it in the ‘real world.’
3.Can we truly prepare students to be effective users of the most powerful medium?
  • Yes and no – some of it they’re going to have to teach themselves, because the world, especially technology, is ever changing. We can prepare them to effectively use today’s technology and give them tools to figure out future improvements.


Presentation Design: Principles and Techniques

  1. What elements were you already aware of? What elements were you not aware of?
  • I already knew that the more pictures you have, the longer your audience will go without getting side-tracked/bored. I didn’t know that the more charts and graphs (data) included in a presentation, the more credible the author is.
2. How can you incorporate this into your own work and that of your students? Why is it important?
  • Giving students the information and resources to allow them to give the best presentations possible. We as educators can utilize key elements in presenting that will be both informational and entertaining to our students. This will keep them focused on what they’re learning and can make them interested in it too.
3. How do the Power Points that you have created over the years fit (or not fit) with these design principles?
  • I love adding pictures to my presentations already, so having that be effective is a bonus for me. I try not to have too much text on my slides because I know they’re boring to look at. I could probably add more graphs and cited data to make myself be more believable to my audience.

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