Teaching w/ Web 2.0 & Socia Media


  1. This website is meant for teachers to find tools to help them along when using the Internet in the classroom. The website shows pictures and diagrams of things that work for teachers to look at that may be used in classrooms.
  2.   Teachers can find tools to use in the classroom and communication tools as well. Webtool4u2use can also help the teachers teach students digital citizenship by informing them of proper communication skills.
  3. Seeing who is behind a website and being able to judge its credibility is an important skill to have before using random sites. This site is by ‘TES: the largest network of teachers in the world.’ This seems like a legitimate website for who is behind it, and that it is up to date. (Published in 2016)
  4. Webtool4u2use has many strong points to it. First, it has multiple ways to view information. (I.e. Videos, pictures, charts, diagrams, etc.) The site has its sources cited so you know that they’re getting their information from credible sources.
  5. I suppose a setback of this website is that this can easily be utilized in high/middle school, (good for me) but maybe not so much for elementary.
  6. I’m guessing that this website is for students pursuing education, or new teachers, for this tool helps you learn the ways of how your students learn.

21st Century School Teacher

  1. 21stcenturyschoolteacher is a website full of apps for teachers and even parents to further their child’s learning or help them in areas where they need to improve.
  2. NETs standard are present here in communication and professional leadership. Lots of conversation goes on between teachers commenting on what works and what does not.
  3. Not much knowledge is needed before using this website.
  4. Discriptions of each website and app without clicking on it is pretty cool. Also, every age group of students can utilize this.
  5. Lots of adds, messy layout of website.
  6. This is for teachers of any grade, to help them find information and websites to use in the classroom.


  1. InstaGrok is a website with a new spin on searching topics. This search engine is fun for many age groups (8 and up)
  2. Teaches students digital citizenship and a sense of independence being able to conduct their own search ‘web.’
  3. Students/Teachers should have a basic idea of what they want to search, but not much beyond that. The site will take care of the rest.
  4. Good for research papers and essays for both teachers and students because it gives so much diverse information on one topic. All sources I’ve used on InstaGrok have been credible, so I’d say it’s a reliable source for information.
  5. Having said the last statement, it is impossible for me to have seen all the sources from which InstaGrok pulls, so it’s up to students and teachers to decide if what they’re pulling is legitimate.
  6. This tool can be used I’d say age 8 and up. For any one, not just school-related.

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