Fostering Student Creativity with Multimedia

In recent discussions of using technology in the classroom, a controversial issue has been whether the use of multimedia tools should be used as a tool for learning. On the one hand, some ague that other tools would do the job, and multimedia is a waste of time. From this perspective, using these tools will diminish the amount of information the student absorbs because this type of technology is too complicated. On the other hand, however, others argue that using multimedia in the classroom is a new and powerful way of learning. According to this view, having students go outside paper into videos, posts, online articles, etc., gives them more room to express themselves, be creative and find new ways to enjoy learning. In sum then, the issue is whether multimedia diminished or increases the amount of learning going on in the classroom.

My own view is that using multimedia in the classroom can truly inspire even the most stubborn of students to get involved in their education. Though I concede, it is easy for students to get off-task and lose focus when online, I still maintain that when taught to use the internet properly in the classroom, students will do just fine under supervision. For example, having students make videos will let them use their knowledge of the subject, but also adding creativity and fun to enhance their performance and keep them from boredom. Although some might object that multimedia in the classroom is a bad idea because students are not qualified to keep themselves from getting off-track and delving into the internet instead of actually learning, I would reply that if you make an assignment fun, instructional and full of information, the student will do just fine. The issue is important because technology and education need to be in unison  – technology is the future and so are our students.


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